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Tanoura Dance

Tanoura Dance its traditional Egyptian folklore ,In a huge colorful skirt with lights attached on it , trousers below, the artist is spinning and and skirt flying creating very elegant image, The Arabic song ‘Doury Beena’ (Spin Us Around) alongside the sound .

As the layers of the skirts spun and the performance the Tanoura dancer remove one skirt, fold it and hold it in his arms as if it’s a baby. Right before the end of his performance, the dancer removed one layer of the skirts, spinning it over his head, moving from one table to another to spin the skirt over the audience’s heads. The artist also give to the gist to try the Tanoura making ambience taking pictures enjoying the time. having great memory .

Tanoura dance show in duba

Tanoura Dance Photo 

tanoura show in dubai
Tanoura dance dubai uae
tanoura dance group
tanoura dancer skirt
tanoura dancer on action

Tanoura Show Video

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