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Lollipop Pole Act 

 Lollipop Pole is a mix of pole dancing and aerial hope. Our Artist is high skills and very flexible will create very nice acrobatic movement on the Lollipop Pole on the same time its spinning , For this act we don't require large stage our artist provide the pole with stand of 4m x 4m this is what's makes it special  ACT it can feet any event any space and the guys with enjoy it .

lollipop pole acrobat act

Acrobatic Show

Lollipop artist birthday show
lollipop pole act
Lollipop circus theme show
Pole artist on the show mans power
pole acrobat artist performing
pole acrobatice show
acrobatic show pole

Cube Pole 

Cube Pole its same as lollipop pole only the artist have a lot of places to handle and to use the cube bars to create different figures with the artist body ,always its fun to see acrobatic show !

Cube pole acrobatic show
aerial act cube stand
aerial show cube

Lollipop Vedio

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