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Human Statue

 A living statue, also known as a human statue, usually refers to a performer who poses as a statue or mannequin, usually with realistic statue-like makeup. al ekhwa event created elegant costume will match with your event and we paint it gold or silver.

living statue Act its good for traditional celebrations, or sport event, opening of stores .....

human stute for uae  national day

This human statue is a gold mannequin on the window of the store to attract the mall visitors . 

Human statue for store advertising
clasic human statue couple

Arabic traditional Living Statue

The Arabic statue theme is an ideal choice for the UAE National Day celebration due to its rich traditional and cultural significance. By incorporating such a theme, the event can pay tribute to the country's history and heritage. Arabic statues are renowned for their intricate design and craftsmanship, reflecting the region's unique culture and artistry. These statues often depict famous figures from the UAE's history,

human statue for national day uae

The Arabic statue theme is the most required ACT for UAE National Day because it showcases the richness of the country's traditional and cultural heritage. The statues represent the historical figures and iconic symbols that have shaped the identity of the United Arab Emirates.

arabic human statue uae dress
living statue uae dubai
HUMAN STATUE traditiona uae work craft

Flouting Man Statue

Flouting man statue dubai
Flouting man statue

Golf Human Statue

  "Bring the magic of golf to life! Savor the beauty of our exquisite human statue golf theme. Perfect for golf enthusiasts. Order now!"

human statue golf play
human statue golf theme
living statue golf

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