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Their skill and coordination are truly mesmerizing to watch, as they effortlessly juggle objects of varying shapes and sizes. Whether it's juggling balls, rings, clubs, or even unconventional items like knives or flaming torches, their impressive displays never fail

duo juggling welcoming
  • Jugglers is great for festival or street performance because they can interact with large group of guests and cover large area

  • LED Juggling balls or clubs its good for night time event ,it has high power glowing in darkness and long time performing .

  • Stage or Roaming Juggling from the top required in Circus Shows.

led juggling clubs on stage

We are very glad to perform for this big event UAE TOUR cycling competition ,juggling is always fun especially if its duo 

led juggling clubs

Juggling Rings

juggling rings on birthday

Fire Juggling 

Juggling with fire sounds nice and its hard but our artist are very professional they will entertain the guest , its amazing to see them around

fire juggling clubs dubai
Juggling fire artist performing dubai

Juggling Photo 

circus juggler for event
LED juggling glowing at darkness
juggler for  halloween
juggling act dubai uae
couple jugglers in white costume
juggling clown act
Juggling Videos 

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