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                Circus Artists Page

 Parade Circus in colorfull costume stilltwalker unycicle jugglers

Very Elegant carnival (roaming) will make your event special : we are providing jugglers stilt walkers clown unicycle walking ball acrobat drummer and more .......

with beautiful colourful costumes   

Entertainments Cyrwheel Artist acrobatic show


Al Ekhwa Events

Al Ekhwa Events founded by Ali entertainer I'm a circus  artist based in DUBAI from 2006 performing around all GCC I have very large data base more then 200 circus artist 

and dancers and magicians  from UAE or outside the country.

Al Ekhwa event can help you to create an amazing show for your audience.  

What we do 

Artist  Managment

Creating shows 

Booking Artists 

show design

 acrobat with juggling cube led

we love to do what

 we do , and

we do it perfect 

We Create  


That last 

 mirror man head rabbit

Why you should hire us

We’re Really, Really Great Communicators.

        So you’ve dreamt up an amazing concept and you need someone to bring it to life. You’ve come to the right place Al Ekhwa Events and Entertinment ! Step one is for your event coordinator to understand your concept and present creative ideas of their own to blow your attendees away. Once they’ve got the ideas locked down it’s time to put those plans in motion by sourcing items and contacting vendors. This is where communication is key.

        Dealing with vendors while simultaneously communicating with the venue to make sure elements will execute correctly is a job all on its own. It is crucial for your event planner to not only be extremely communicative with you and your team, but to also explain concepts and ideas in full detail to any vendors that will be working to execute those tasks or projects. From understanding how a custom prop will be built to making sure your CIRCUS ARTIST  will be properly dressed the day of your event, it’s all in the details.

 We’ve Got the Hook Up

        (trust us, we’ve seen and heard it all) but will also have access to special rates for regularly working with these contacts. Rates that you would not be able to secure had you approached the company on your own. When sticking to a strict company budget this will definitely come in handy.

Spend on This, Not That!

      It’s easy to dream up ideas that may sound great in theory but don’t translate the same way when executed during an event. In this situation, your event coordinator should act as your guide. It’s their job to let you know which activations are worth spending on and which activations to skip. You want to make sure that your greatest event investments will go a long way and will make the biggest impact possible on your attendees. This could be an impressive circus Show or roaming artists or musicians..... Trust al Ekhwa Events and Entertainment  on this one.  

Fire Show 
  • If you are looking for something wow, fire show is the best act.
  • Its breathtaking.
  • Highly recommended for corporate even, desert, birthday, outdoor party ,festival....
  • We are based in Dubai we are performing around Middle Ease 



Al Ekhwa Events broth a New show in Dubai very stylish stand  (Double Bass) design and its spinning around while the acrobat creating very powerful movements.  

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